Make a battery interrupt

John Schimmel, 03/16/2014

Soldering wire to copper & testing
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Prepare wires

Cut two wires about six inches in length. Strip 1/4" of plastic from wire on each end.

Position copper and wire for soldering

Plug your soldering in now.

Using helping hands position the copper clad and wire. Only the stripped part of the wire should be touching the copper.

Gently touch the soldering iron to the stripped wire to heat it. Touch solder to stripped wire. Solder should melt and cover wire and copper.

Soldering the 2nd wire

Flip the copper clad over and prepare second wire. Solder second wire to backside of copper clad.

Final product should have a small solder joint connecting the wires and copper clad on each side. The wires should not wiggle on the copper.


Test the batter interrupt

Put the battery interrupt into a battery operated toy, this toy uses a C battery, The positive end ( + ) will touch one side of the copper clad, the other side of copper clad will touch the toy's battery connector.

Turn the toy's switch ON, with the copper clad in place the toy should not operate. Touch the two wires to activate the toy. Did it work? If so, congrats! If not, double check that the battery interrupt has one side touching the battery and the other side touching the battery holder.

TIP - for some toys, it is easier to install the battery first, slide the battery towards the negative side so a gap opens near the tip of the battery. Slide battery interrupt into the gap between the + end and the toy's connector.