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John Schimmel, 03/16/2014

Wiring & connecting switch jack to copper clad
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Connecting the switch jack

Take the 1/8" (3.5mm) female switch jack, identify the tabs that will be connected. This particular switch jack has 3 tabs, we will connect a wire to two of them, the tabs on either side, skipping the middle tab.


Bend and hook it

To connect, bend the wire into a hook and thread it through a tab on the switch jack.


Use helping hands to hold switch jack and wre

With the tabs tightly hooked, fasten the switch and the wire to the helping hands. The wire should be pulled tight so the wire is touching the side of the tab.

Solder the wire and tab together. 


After finished with the first wire and tab flip the jack and solder the second tab and wire.


With both wires soldered to the switch jack, the solder pads should be small and the wires should not wiggle. (the middle tab is unused with this particular jack)