Switch Adapting a Remote Control Toy

John Schimmel, 12/01/2013

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Once you have a toy and have accessibility switches appropriate for the child for whom this is intended, you'll need a few more items.

You'll need the correct sized screwdriver, or in some cases an allen wrench, to open the toy up.

3.5mm mono jacks
We'll be using 3.5mm mono jacks as our switch jacks. You'll need one mono jack for each of the toy's controls.  3.5mm mono jacks accept standard accessibility switches. They can be purchased online at All Spectrum Electronics (if that link doesn't take your directly to the part, it's part # CA015).

Each mono jack has 3 tabs that can accept soldering. We'll be soldering wires to the tabs on the left and right side.  The middle tab will remain empty - it is a third connection that is not needed.

Alternatively, you can also use a stereo phone jack from RadioShack and use it as a mono jack - just use a multimeter to test pin connectivity.  This should be part  #274-0249.

Other stuff

  • 22 gauge wire - solid core or stranded - usually 6" per switch, but this varies depending on the shape of the interface
  • Pair of wire strippers
  • Soldering iron with lead free solder
  • Drill and drill bits - 1/4" drill bit will fit the 3.5mm, and a smaller drill bit can be used to pre-drill the plastic for the 1/4" bit.
  • Multimeter - Not pictured but needed if you want to verify circuit connections.