Switch Adapting a Remote Control Toy

John Schimmel, 12/01/2013

Preparing the switch jacks
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Now we will wire up the switch jacks.  In this example, I used yellow wire for one switch jack and red wire for the other switch jack.

The finished jacks should look like the first photo in the step (with two wires soldered firmly to the jack).

Note that this particular jack has 3 metal tabs, each with a hole.  You will be attaching wires to the tabs on the left and right side only (the middle tab is not used).

With the wirestripper, remove a small piece of the plastic sheath. Bend the stripped wire into a little hook.

Put the stripped wire hooks into the tabs of the switch jack. The hook in the wire will help keep the wire in the jack when you go to solder it.

You can use helping hands (alligator clips) to hold the wire and jack while you take some solder and your iron to fill in the hole of the tab.

A finished switch jack will not have too much solder and will appear smooth. You should wiggle the wire and see if it is soldered firmly to the jack's connector. If it wiggles at all you must reheat the solder joint and fill in any visible gaps or holes that exist.

The wires should be attached firmly and should not wiggle.