Switch Adapting a Remote Control Toy

John Schimmel, 12/01/2013

Drill & mount jacks
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The 3.5mm switch jacks will probably include a circular nut that is screwed to the top of the jack. Drilling a hole in the toy's case you can insert the jack from the inside and screw it tight from the outside of the case with this circular nut.

Before you make the jack hole, you should predrill the case with a smaller bit to make the hole. Any bit smaller than 1/4" should be fine.

Hold tight to the case or better yet clamp it to your work bench. With goggles on, drill carefully into the toy's case.

Once the initial hole is made, take the 1/4" drill bit and make the final jack hole. You may need to scrape off plastic bits from around the hole. 

When hole is clean and open, insert the switch jack. On the outside of the plastic case, screw the jacks tight with the circular nuts.