Switch Adapting a Remote Control Toy

John Schimmel, 12/01/2013

Final test & done
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Once all the switch jacks are installed, you can close the case. Be sure the case "snaps" together correctly and that none of the new wires are interfering with the original operation of the physical switches.

Do not screw toy back together yet. Replace the battery into the toy.

Take any accessibility switch and plug it into your toy. Turn on your toy and controller and press the switch. 

If your toy is operating incorrectly, for example, it is ALWAYS ON, remove the case and try to locate any area that might be pressing on the switch. Sometimes the contact points for the physical switches inside the case are very small and need to be repositioned correctly.

If you toy is working successfully, replace all the screws and pat yourself on the back! You just successfully adapted a toy!